Meet Our Apex Global Chairman

Apxn. Md. Aslam Hossain

Chairman 2016-2017, Apex Global
National President – 2014, Apex Bangladesh

Address: 7, B B Avenue Dhaka-1000, Bangladesh
Tel: +880 2 9562218(0), 57313024(R)
Cell: +88 01713 092133, 01684 016156

Details of Apxn. Aslam,Global Chairman


To make the ideals of service the basis of all enterprise.
To develop by example a more intelligent and aggressive citizenship.
To provide a means of forming enduring friendship, rendering altruistic service and building better communities.
To promote international understanding and friendship.

The Apex movement began on March 10 1931, in Geelong, Victoria Australia during the 1930's depression and it was founded by three young architects Sir John Buchan, Ewan Laird and Langham Proud. The Apex movement now has extended its reach to Bangladesh, Fiji, India, Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore, Srilanka and Indonesia.
On March 15, 2008 Apex Global was born. Now more than ever we all stand to benefit from a stronger, healthier and more skilled and educated world community.
Apex Global's goals are achievable with your support....


- our world, our community!

If you'd like to have an Apex Club serving and inproving your community along with an opportunity for you to improve your personal skills and job prospects through self development... then Apex is for you!!

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Great Southern Land Mass Tour Apex Australia

35th National Convention Apex Malaysia hosted by the Apex Club of Damansara

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