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We need your help, because they need our help!

A country that has embraced Apex is a country that continues to grow stronger daily as Apexians set about building that community and improving its health and well-being in many and varied ways.

These initaitives that Apexians continue to roll out in communities accross the world improve the quality of life of many that otherwise if left to fend for themselves, would not get to enjoy the quality of life that they are currently experiencing, if it were not for the dedication of many hardworking volunteers participating in this continual improvement of humanity by local Apex Clubs.


Apex Global has many exciting and beneficial community initiatives seeking corporate business partnerships right now!

> Mosquito Reduction Programme
> Youth Initiatives
> Health and well-being opportunities
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> Skills and employment improvement
> Special needs
> Personal development
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Help us to help the community. After all the more robust communities are, the more robust business profits can be.

We need your help, because they need our help!

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Apex is a community service organisation, founded on the principles of community service, friendship and personal development.

This year Apex celebrates almost 80 fantastic years contributing to communities at home and abroad.

Apex encourages those who believe they have something to offer their community; their country and who want to develop their own potential to take a serious look at joining Apex.

Apex is not just about the charitable donations and support, Apex provides to projects from the smallest endeavour on a community scale, to national and international initiatives. However being an Apexian is about doing a lot more than just serving your community; it is also about forging friendships, gaining satisfaction from doing good for others and personal development for members, such as gaining effective speaking and project management skills.

When you join an Apex club, you make friends for life.

Apex Clubs are probably best known for their work in local communities - Clubs donate annually hundreds of hours of their time to numerous causes, raise funds from local residents to help locally and lobby actively to ensure action is taken on important social issues.

If you’d like to be a part of the team that get’s the job done for communities at home and abroad enquire about joining or starting your own Apex Club today. Click here to send an email.

Apexians are busy people with work and family commitments just like you - Apex does not demand too much of your time and, of course, you are always welcome at the regular social get-togethers.



Work Party In Klang, Malaysia 2009

by Life Member and Past National President Phil Pregnell

Eleven people made up a work party team from Apex Australia that travelled to Malaysia to assist with the building of a workshop for a school in Klang, supported by the Apex Club of Klang. Whilst away the team attended the Apex Association of Singapore and Malaysia’s National Conventions. The cost of the trip was fully funded by the members of the work party whilst Apex Australia and the Apex Club of Klang funded the cost of building the workshop as part of a joint project agreed to by Apex Australia at the 2007 National Convention.

The school is run by the Selangor & Federal Territory Association for the mentally handicapped and was originally built as a joint project with Apex Clubs of Klang and Apex Clubs of Australia. The aim of the work party was to assist with the building of their workshop, which will be a progressive step for students after reaching school leaving age.

From the first day, it was clear to the team that they all wanted to make a positive difference with this project. This was the immediate bonding between the members they worked together to achieve this outcome. The Malaysian Apexians were a wonderful group whose sole aim was to make the work party’s stay one to remember. This was also achieved and in no time the team were like a large extended family.
During the two weeks the work party were also taken to visit some places supported by the Apex Club of Klang and the Apex Club of Kuala Lumpur. These included a refugee campsite, an orphanage, and a dialysis centre. The work party members learned a lot of things about Malaysia and how different ways/things are achieved. One thing assimilating our countries was the fact that there are many generous people willing to take that step further to help other people in need.

Many members of the Australian work party are returning to Malaysia in March 2010 to attend the opening of the workshop that they assisted in building. The experience of attending a work party in another country is an experience that is recommended to all Apexians, living all the ideals whilst having a live changing experience and that is what Apex is all about!



A Bed Time Story

by Ian ‘Willy’ Oates Past AANIRM Apex Australia

Hi to all Apex Global Members and if you’re not sure who that is, it’s any one that is in or has been in Apex in any Apex country.
Well at the Global AGM one project and one initiative were put up; the ‘Mosquito Project’ and also a ‘Beds for Orphans Initiative’
We need all Apex nations to identify a place of high need for around 20 beds and then we need to fund raise to help put some orphans in all Apex countries into beds and get them off their current sleeping arrangements on the floor.

We have succeeded with the help of sponsors to just do this in Ipoh Boys Home Malaysia, where 24 beds and bedding was placed in to the home one week after the 2009 Global AGM. The boys all had fun helping themselves (without knowing it), as they cleaned their rooms and made the beds up and then made good use of the beds that night, “just in time for a bed time story”.
The whole project is a sound one that is not hard or expensive to get happening, so please if you’re reading this, help out and act today!

For answers to your questions on this Apex Global initiative, click here to email me.



Apex San Pablo & Australia
build school room in San Vicente

Once again, Apex Club of San Pablo City has constructed a one-storey classroom building, this time at San Vicente Elementary School. San Vicente, San Pablo City. This is again a Work Party Project between Apex Clubs in Victoria, Australia and Apex San Pablo.

Through the initiative of Apex Philippines Immediate Past National President Raymond Ciceron, a project proposal for the construction of a classroom at San Vicente was submitted to Apex Australia by Past Club President Normandy Gutierrez in 2006. A positive response came from Apex Victoria. They requested important information and documents about the project proposal. Immediate Past Club President Rommel Austria regularly communicated with Apex Victoria State President Dean Freeman and submitted all the requirements to get the final approval of the project proposal.

In February 2008, Apex Victoria approved a AUD $10,000 fund for the 48 square meter classroom project which will benefit 40 grade school students per year. The construction started last April 21, 2008 and the new building was formally turnover last June 28. San Pablo Apexians worked in the construction during their free time together with some hired skilled workers. Last May 12, 2008, the National President of Apex Australia Rick Hose shared some working hours on the project after attending the 32nd National Convention of Apex Philippines last May 9-11.



The Mossie Man
– Bangladesh First Base For Mosquito Trial

by David G Piggott - Chairman Mozeco

I would like to express a few words to APEX members concerning the mosquito trial program Mozeco, APEX Global and Apex Bangladesh are going to conduct in Bangladesh during February 2010.

It is an honour to be involved and working with such a dedicated and committed group of people as APEX Global and Apex Bangladesh, conducting such a beneficial trial and project for not just Bangladesh, but all of the Global group who have combined to attempt a world pioneering project of such importance.

I am confident that we will be successful in our work in Bangladesh in February and continue to further the positive progression of the project that certainly has the potential to take a very big step in assisting and empowering very needing people and most importantly, will be contributing to the saving of many lives.

We have with us a very experienced and committed team of professionals from companies and Universities in Australia, India and Bangladesh who are together working towards the common goal of this projects success and they have committed resources, time and effort to assist in gaining the best positive outcome possible with the Bio-trial work and when successfully funded, the main "Mosquito Reduction Project" itself.

We are attempting to do this project because it is what needs to be done and we have the ability to do it, we care and we want to assist you in making a difference!

I thank Apexians right across the Asia / Pacific for the vision and commitment you have provided and the opportunity to assist in such a worthwhile project.




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