Apex GLOBAL Chairman : 2016/2017

Apxn. Md. Aslam Hossain

Apxn. Aslam Hossain ....

National President 2014, Apex Bangladesh
7, B B Avenue Dhaka-1000, Bangladesh
Tel: +880 2 9562218(0), 57313024(R)
Cell: +88 01713 092133, 01684 016156
Mail: apxn.aslam@yahoo.com, dbab@singerbd.net


Apex GLOBAL Chairman : 2015/2016

Apxn. Kate Huth

Kate Huth

Immediate Past Global Chairman 2015-16

e-mail: katehuth@hotmail.com


First Fijian for Apex GLOBAL Chairman 2014/2015

Apxn. Pratish Nand

The Apex GLOBAL Annual General Meeting in the Philippines last month saw the appointment of Fiji’s very own Pratish Nand as the new Apex Global Chairman for 2014/2015. This appointment was the first for the 53 year old Telecom worker who has been a charter member of the Apex Club of Nasinu for the past 28 years.

Nand who has been an IT specialist with Telecom Fiji Ltd for the past 32 years was delighted with the appointment and referred to this as an ideal opportunity to give back to his country. He believes the society he grew up in has played an important role in molding his interest for serving to charitable institutions (NGO). Nand who also held the position as National President of Apex Fiji from the year 2000 to 2001 was the Deputy Chairman of Apex GLOBAL for the year 2013 – 2014 before being appointed as Chairman from July 2014 to the end of June 2015 in the last Annual General meeting which was held in the Philippines on the 22nd of May.

With Apex GLOBAL’s theme of Bridging Education through Service, Apex Fiji has been working with local communities since its introduction into Fiji in 1961 – this ranged from the building of the Drasa Secondary School library, the donation of an ambulance to the Ba Mission Hospital, the donation of cataract lenses worth $20, 000 to a local hospital, provision of bursaries to needy secondary school students and many other donations which was positive for the many Fijian communities and its members.

Apex GLOBAL was found in Australia by Ewen Laird, Langham Proud and Sir John Buchan in 1931 and was later introduced in Fiji 30 years later by past High Court Judge Justice Devendra Pathik who was commonly known as the “Father of Apex Fiji.


Apex GLOBAL Chairman : 2013/2014

Apxn. David Israil Sinay

Apxn. David Israil Sinay

Global Chairman


Apex GLOBAL Chairman : 2012/2013

Apxn. Cavin Lin

Apxn. Cavin Lin

Global Chairman


Apex GLOBAL Chairman : 2011/2012

Apxn. Michael Arokiannathan

Apxn. Michael Arokiannathan

Global Chairman


Apex Global Chairman 2010/2011


The 2010/2011 Chairman of Apex Global Apexian Hasan Ferdous Jewel, (National President 2010 of Apex Bangladesh) started his Apex life in 31.12.1993. He is the member of Apex Bangladesh. He held almost all posts at Club level including President in 2000.

Apexian Jewel is the only Apexian who served Apex Bangladesh as National Secretary three times 2001, 2002 & 2007. He Served Apex Bangladesh as National Service Director, National Action Director, District Governor & National Vice President and other National Official posts.

At International level Apexian Jewel was the Secretary of Asia Pacific Region, WOCO in 2002 & Sergeant in Asia Pacific Region Convention in 2002.

Apexian Jewel visited all charter Apex Clubs of Apex Bangladesh several times. He attended all National Conventions of Apex Bangladesh since joining. He also attended maximum District Conventions of all seven Districts each year. Apexian Jewel led Apex Bangladesh as National President in 2010.

Apexian Jewel attended the entire International forum Conventions relating to Apex over several years. Such as 3rd Apex International Convention in 1995, A.G.M. of Asia Pacific Region (ASPAC) in 1998, 2002 & 2009, WOCO Conventions of 2001 & 2003, Apex Global AGM, National Convention of Apex Malaysia & Apex Philippines, Round Table International Conventions & Active 20-30 International Conventions in 2001 & 2003 & A.G.M. of Apex 40 International in 2006.

He has got a pleasant personality and very high quality for leadership which has already been proved in the Apex arena. That is why he has been adjudged all the awards in Club, District & National level except Best National Board Member award, such as Best Observer in 15th District-7 Convention, Best Secretary & DNE in 18th District-2 Convention, Best Club President in 19th District-2 Convention, Best Public Speaker in 19th District-2 Convention, Best Delegate in 20th District-2 Convention, Best Apexian in 21st District-2 Convention, Best Observer in 24th National Convention, Best Delegate in 25th National Convention, Best Club President in 25th National Convention, Best National Official for the year 2001, Best District Governor for the year 2003, and Best Apexian for the year 2002 of Apex Bangladesh.  

Apexian Hasan Ferdous Jewel played a vital role in many training programs and seminars of Apex Bangladesh by presenting papers as speakers and resource person. For the first time in Apex Bangladesh’s history Apexian. Hasan Ferodus Jewel present a colorful & important extra ordinary Apex Directory in the year 2006, prepared an APEX TRAINING MANUAL & NATIONAL SERVICE Album in 2005.

Apexian Jewel visited Apex Australia as the Founders Travel Fund recipient in 2006. In that visit he attended training, seminars as well as the Apex 40 Annual Convention. He visited many Clubs in Australia. He also has visited India, Malaysia, Philippines, Sweden, Singapore, Germany and the U.S.A.


Apex GLOBAL Chairman : 2009/2010

Apxn. Rick Hose

Apxn. Rick Hose

Global Chairman


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