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Dear Apexians
It gives me great pleasure to submit a proposal for an Apex Global “Club to Club Service Project”.
Briefly, this initiative is to bring together sponsor clubs and donor clubs so that a sponsor club initiated project could find a donor club/s within Apex Global to successfully fund a project that would otherwise be abandoned.
At the moment, club to club projects are done on an ad hock basis through twinning and personal contacts. This is commendable but there may be worthy service projects which do not get the buy in due to the lack of exposure.
It is my belief that if this initiative is adopted, the true meaning of the ideal “to promote international understanding’ will be realized. The details of the proposal are attached for your review and hopefully accepted at the 8th AGM of the Apex Global at Malaysia.


  1. Project name

Apex Club to Club Service Support.

  1. Purpose

To connect Apex Club service projects with potential donor Apex Clubs.

  1. Eligibility
    • It will be a one off project and not a continuous support initiative.
    • The maximum sum will be AUD10,000 or its approximate equivalent in the local currency of the recipient country.
    • Full application supported by relevant documentation to be submitted within the stipulated time frame.
    • Applications to be lodged by National Associations signed off by the National President and IRO/NIRD.
    • A maximum of 3 applications can be submitted by a member Association.


  1. Role of the Apex Global Chairman
    • To call for applications.
    • To evaluate the submissions in consultation with the Vice Chairman.
    • To circulate the successful applications to all the member Associations.
    • To monitor and measure the success rate.
    • To cancel applications that have not been funded in full at the end of the term.


  1. Time lines

                                      August – Global Chairman takes office

                                       1stSeptember – Call to Associations to submit applications

                                      30thNovember – Closing date for applications

                                      31stDecember – Successful applications to be circulated

                                     30thJune – Unfunded applications to be cancelled




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